Tax Revenue, Jobs, Convenient Shopping, & Homes for Working Families

We are planning to build 945 homes at Napa Pipe. It’s a drastic reduction – 70% reduced – from our initial plan, which included 3,200 homes.
We would prefer for the project to be served by the city’s surface water, and to make our supply of ground water and/or excess surface water available to the county, but so far the city of Napa has been unwilling to support this idea.

If the city does not make surface water available to Napa Pipe, we will utilize our more-than-ample supply of groundwater. (For additional details regarding this issue, please visit
Yes. We have designated a 10-acre school site right on the Napa Pipe property.
No. Taxes on local residents and businesses will not be impacted by Napa Pipe.
As a result of the project, the county will receive approximately $4 million every year in new tax revenue, which will come from new property tax assessed on residents of Napa Pipe, and sales tax revenue generated by businesses at Napa Pipe. In addition, Napa Pipe will contribute more than $300,000 for local fire protection.
Napa Pipe will generate more than 900 permanent jobs, as well as another 800 construction jobs. In addition, Napa Pipe will generate nearly half a billion dollars in local construction spending.
Based on studies by impartial, independent technical experts, this new plan would result in 48% fewer peak-hour traffic trips than would development under the property's current zoning. (For additional details regarding this issue, please visit
The build out of Napa Pipe will be phased in over 10 to 15 years. On average, 70-100 homes will be built per year.